Why Miami is a Top Choice for Vegans

Miami is a diverse city filled with opportunities for everyone, seemingly none more-so than those of us that live the meatless life. Vegans and vegetarians thrive throughout South Florida. As a matter of fact, in a recent analysis by WalletHub, Miami was named #9 on the top ten vegan-friendly cities in the US!

Check out our top three reasons why Miami is the perfect meatless metropolis:

Plenty of Great Restaurant Choices

As a vegan or vegetarian, one of the stresses you can face is not being able to find a place to eat out for lunch and dinner. Well, do not worry! Miami has you covered. Miami is sprinkled with tons of great options for all of us herbivores. If you can’t make it to Miami, then don’t worry. There are recipes like vegan mac and cheese that you can enjoy at home until you can visit this vegan-friendly city. Some of our top choices for restaurants include:

Glam Vegan

Located in Midtown, Glam Vegan is the perfect stop for professionals working in or near downtown Miami. Their BBQ burger is regularly recommended by patrons as a go-to item on the menu, as well as their soups, which change daily. Glam is an excellent choice for that business lunch or weekend brunch!


Trust us when we say that the name does not describe the taste of the food here! DIRT places a huge focus on highlighting local food growers and sourcing ingredients from farmers located in our own backyards. You will hear them say “plant-based” and “clean eating” very frequently. They have two locations: one in Brickell and one in Sunset Harbour. DIRT also caters, making them the perfect option for ordering in your office lunch or your special events!

Vegan and Juice

Located in Sweetwater, Vegan and Juice is an unassuming venue that has a diverse menu with a Latin twist. They serve lunch and dinner (though they close at 6 PM) and can also set up workshops to help teach you how to make healthier food choices. Families are welcome, so grab the kids and make it out for a wholesome meal with superb service!

Supportive and Active Communities

Miami is a hotbed of various groups and clubs that meet regularly and are active in the community. Vegetarians and vegans are no exception. The website Meetup has listed over 50 vegan social groups, some of which contain more than 1500 members. These are just the tip of the “iceberg lettuce” however, as Miami also has many different people working together to create communities for the meatless lifestyle. Here are some groups that we are excited about:

SoFlo Vegans

Miami is becoming a hotspot for vegans, and SoFlo Vegans is at the center of it all. They produce podcasts, videos, and articles that educate and connect vegans across all of Southern Florida. They also host weekly events in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas. Their website contains links to even more communities that can help vegans in any area of Miami find a place to socialize and get involved. Visit their website for more information and to entrench yourself in the heart of Miami’s rapidly growing vegan community.

Vegan Florida

Vegan Florida is a Facebook group with nearly 9000 members that focuses on bringing the vegans of the Sunshine State together for events, activities, and networking. It is a public group that anyone can join, and it regularly hosts discussions and gives recommendations for places and events that are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. Check them out and join for opportunities to become more active in both Miami and other Florida area vegan communities.

Community Gardens

There are many community gardens throughout Miami and surrounding areas that invite residents to plant their own food and to share the fruits of their labors with local food banks. Most have low yearly fees for plots, but all have active growers who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise to get you started. Places like North Beach Community Garden are a perfect idea for the vegan chefs who want to grow their own ingredients but do not have the space at home!

Vegan-Friendly Businesses and Nightlife

If you are looking to get out and find some vegan-friendly places to spend time that are not just restaurants, Miami has an answer. Here are some places where meatless is the norm:

The VShops

Food halls have been popping up everywhere in Miami this year, so it is natural that one meant specifically for vegan and vegetarian patrons would soon make its way on the scene. The VShops currently features two venues (Neo’s Blender and Choices Vegan Cafe), but they promise five more will be coming soon, opening throughout this Spring and Summer. This is expected to be a surefire hit with vegan residents, as it will be host to a large range of brand new meatless options!

Glaser Organic Farms

Farmers’ markets are a celebrated form of giving back to our communities and supporting local produce growers. The Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Market by Glaser Organic Farms is a perfect opportunity to do that. It is located just down the road from the VShops, and it is open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. Stop by for a chance to try fresh homemade vegan ice cream and to pick up some delicious produce! As a side note, you can visit the Glaser Organic Farms Store to pick up some veggies any other day of the week (except Sunday) from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Soul Tavern

Soul Tavern prides itself on being Miami’s first plant-based gastropub. Located just west of the city center, it is a prime destination for those looking for a vegan-friendly dinner and nightlife. They have a wide array of drinks available, including draft beers and house-made herbal elixirs. Best of all, they have a range of programs coming soon to help patrons take advantage of the cleansing and nourishing properties of their elixirs and juices!

Do you still need some help figuring out if Miami is the right place for you as a vegan? We can help! Our experts are equipped with the knowledge necessary to answer all of your questions. Just contact us at [email protected] or (305) 921-0972.