Why Miami Homes Priced <$400K Present the Ultimate Seller's Market

You name the Miami neighborhood…  Shenandoah, North Miami, Upper East Side, Hialeah, The Roads, Allapattah, Coral Way, North Miami Beach…

Our team has been closely analyzing real estate data over the past few months, and our findings are shocking…  We are in the midst of a seller’s market like we haven’t seen in years.

The ratio between active sales and closed transactions since the beginning of 2018 is astonishing.  In North Miami Beach, for example, we’re talking about 57 active homes for sale vs. a whopping 140 closed sales in the last 6 months.

Demand for single family homes, especially those priced <$400K, drastically exceeds demand.  Inventory is at a low, people are paying top dollar for mediocre properties, and little to no renovation work is required to sell a home in lighting speed.

The bottom line is buyers cannot scoop up single family homes fast enough.

Our Firsthand Experience

In our work advising clients over the past few months, we’ve witnessed the following situations time and time again in Miami neighborhoods:

1) Multiple offers on the same property

2) Closings at or above asking price

3) All-time low number of days on market

4) Average properties commanding top-dollar prices

What Does This Mean For You?

If you own a single family home in Miami (or one of its many suburbs), NOW is the time to sell.

This trend cannot last forever as prices will likely reach a tipping point and begin to fall within the coming year.

Before the market corrects, it’s important to sell, gain top value for your home, and make a new investment.

An Example Property

To prove our point, we want to show you a real life case study in Shenandoah.  The home below was purchased in December ‘15 for $275,000 and sold for a whopping $807,000 after renovations in August ’17.

At the time of sale, this was the single most expensive house in all of Shenandoah!

What more do you need to know?  With returns like this, there is no time to waste if you have any desire to sell your home and capitalize on your investment!

Before and after shot of renovated home in Shenandoah, Miami, FL

How We Can Help

Our team is comprised of experts in Miami single family home sales.  From complete renovations to minor home improvements, architectural photography, and negotiations, count on us to help you navigate the sales process.

If you’re even remotely considering the sale of your home, the best way to get started is to have a free consultation call with one of our Founders:  [email protected] or (305) 921-0972.

Now is the time.  Miami single family homes present the ultimate seller’s market.  Isn’t it time you take advantage of your investment?