The Renaissance of Downtown Miami

For the longest time, Downtown Miami was a place where you went to work during the day before retreating back to the suburbs at 5pm.

The restaurant selection was lacking, the streets were dirty, and the crowd after dark was questionable at best. Downtown Miami and the surrounding Brickell and Edgewater neighborhoods were places to visit, not places to live. They certainly were not suitable for raising a family.

In the past couple years alone, Downtown Miami has entered into a period of never before seen transformation. People (particularly young professionals) are flocking to our urban core at an astonishing rate – a 38% increase in downtown residents since 2010 and a 65% jump since 2000.

According the Miami Agent Magazine, “Downtown Miami’s population is expected to rise another 19 percent by 2021, with a total downtown population of 109,000 that will dwarf downtown populations in similar-sized cities like Atlanta (26,850) and Denver (80,000).”

More than ever, our clients are inquiring about and moving to the urban core, so we decided to write an article about our experience… What are the best downtown housing options? How does the transit system work? What restaurants/bars are recommended?

Check out our suggestions below:


Located just south of Downtown Miami, the Brickell neighborhood is widely known as a mecca for posh, amenity-rich condo towers such as the Icon, Echo, SLS LUX, and Panorama…

However, more and more buildings are coming online in Downtown Miami proper that rival towers in Brickell and on Miami Beach. The real estate in Miami is varied which is why you might like to search around the many different options you have available to you in the area. A few examples include:

For reasonably priced units that still have all the sought-after amenities, Loft Downtown I and Loft Downtown II have a variety of impressive options available.


Getting around Downtown Miami and Brickell is easy since all the Miami-Dade transit lines have hubs in the vicinity (Metrorail, Metromover, bus, bike sharing, and trolley).

Our personal favorite mode of transportation downtown is the Metromover – it travels above the traffic, has lines running south to Brickell, north to Edgewater, and around greater downtown, and above all, it’s totally free.

For more information on transit options we recommend checking out the following sites:

Restaurants & Entertainment

More and more restaurants, bars, and entertainment options are popping up in Downtown Miami as the area continues to explode. From fine dining to burgers, beer, and nightlife, here are a few of our favorites:

Experiencing Downtown Miami

Want to learn more about Downtown Miami? Curious to check out a few condo units in that area? Give us a call or send us an email… The majority of our team members live in Downtown and are experts in the area: [email protected] or +1 (305) 921-0972.