The Pet Owner’s Guide to Miami

Your pet is your family. Our pets are so important to us that we tend to make sure that we use sites similar to in order to ensure that they’re always fully safe and sound. At Spectrum, we know that. Luckily, Miami is a big place with lots to offer both owners and pets. However, it can be overwhelming to comb through everything alone. If you’re looking at moving to Miami, you need to make sure you find a pet friendly house. There are plenty of great places that you can take your pets once you’ve moved in so don’t worry about them getting bored! We are here to help. Here are some things you can do so you and your four-legged pal adjust to life in Magic City quickly:

Go to a Dog Park

For dog lovers, a good dog park is an absolute must. Good exercise and proper socialization are key to the happiness of your canine pal. Luckily, Miami and the surrounding areas have a plethora of dog parks to choose from (over 30!). So go ahead, find the best pet camera you can find (using this guide), and head down to Miami and capture some experiences! To help you start your search, here are three parks that are 100% off-the-leash:

  1. Blanche Park

    If you are interested in the Coconut Grove area, then Blanche Park is a great choice. Many dogs and owners come every day, ensuring that your pup has a playmate at all times. Also, the ground is made from AstroTurf, meaning no muddy pawprints in your backseat. Keep an eye out for the tennis balls that are available for playing fetch!

  2. Tropical Park

    Located in West Miami, Tropical Park is a playground for dogs that includes two areas – one for dogs over 35 pounds and one for dogs under 35 pounds. Equipped with obstacle courses, water fountains, and doggie bags for accidents, this park is perfect for your pooch, whether big or small.

  3. Bark Park

    This special dog park is located in Hialeah, just Northeast of Miami in the Amelia Earhart Park. It features five, fenced-in acres of fun for your canine companion. It has a separate area for small dogs and offers free entrance on weekdays ($7 for entrance on weekends and holidays).

Get Your Pet Groomed

Dogs need to go to the groomers like we need to go to the hairdressers and most dogs enjoy the paper session! We know a few pooches that jump for joy when they hear they’re going to angie’s pet spa but finding a good groomer isn’t easy. We are happy to report that Miami has many. To start your search, here are some excellent groomers that will leave your pet pampered:

  1. Orange Grooming

    If you are living in the Upper East Side of Miami, you can find Orange Grooming nearby. We have heard them described as “true dog lovers” and “pet soulmates.” They also have boarding services for dogs and cats, so you can take that weekend trip without worrying about your best friend.

  2. City Pooch

    Your pet deserves to be pampered, and City Pooch is the place to do it! They are located in Southwest Miami, and do not let the name fool you – they service both dogs and cats. So if your feline friend is seeking a new style, give City Pooch a call to set up an appointment!

  3. Animal Crackers

    Animal Crackers is a fun pet shop and groomer located in downtown Miami. They specialize in raw foods for pets and offer services for cats and dogs. They have a large selection of healthy pet foods and products, so be sure to visit their website and stop by to get help selecting a new, grain-free food for your pup or kitten!

Go to a Pet Friendly Beach

Miami is known for beautiful beaches, and not all of them are only for those of us with two legs! There are good options for beaches that allow dogs. Check these out for a fun day in the sun with your pet:

  1. Haulover Beach Park

    Miami Beach is home to Haulover Beach Park, a dog park and beach. There are many different facilities here, including fenced areas for small dogs, and access to beach sand dunes where dogs are free to roam off their leashes. Perfect for a sunny family day out!

  2. Dog Beach of Hollywood

    Dog Beach of Hollywood is located north of Miami and is a simple, off-leash beach that allows dogs to run and swim freely. They have strict rules against aggressive dogs, so make sure your pup is on his best behavior! The dog-friendly hours are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only, so be sure to check their schedule before heading over.

  3. Performance Pups Freshwater Dog Beach

    Also located north of Miami, Performance Pups is a unique spot for dog owners to help their canine companions practice professional dog sports or just have fun. They feature a dock and lake that pets can use for swimming and training. They even allow you to rent the entire lake for doggie birthday parties! Be sure to check their website and calendar before visiting, as colder weather forces them to close on some days (for the dogs’ safety of course).

Find a Reliable Spot to Board Your Pet

Pet boarding makes every pet owner nervous. We want to know our precious pals will be okay while we are away. Miami has many reliable service providers that help make sure your pet is having a vacation while you have yours. Here are some good examples:

  1. Barks and Tales Dog Spa

    Located in Northwest Miami, Barks and Tales offers many different services, including dog walking and dog sitting. They offer pet owners the option of a daycare as well, allowing you to drop off your pooch in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon after work.

  2. Equipaws Pet Services

    Equipaws is in Southwest Miami, and they offer options for dog walking, dog running, and pet sitting. Their pet sitting services can be done in your home and can include dogs, cats, and other small pets. They also provide pet taxi services to help transfer your pet to the airport, groomer, or vet!

  3. Paws in the City

    Paws in the City is a downtown Miami pet-sitter that specializes in both dog-boarding and cat-sitting. They offer daycare services, as well as pet sitting in your home. You can contact Paws in the City for a free in-home consultation to determine your pet’s needs and see if they are a good fit.

“Paws” down, it is obvious Miami is the perfect place for people and pets alike. There are so many more ways that you can connect yourself and your four-legged friend to the City of Miami. Contact us at or (305) 921-0972 for more information!