The Best Miami Neighborhoods for Families

Families often come to us in search of their next Miami property…  Some are just moving to the area while others are upgrading from a small condo or transitioning to a new part of town.

Finding the perfect home that appeals to parents—as well as young children—can be a delicate balance between convenience and affordability.  Many families want to live close to downtown but dream of a suburban lifestyle.  Some of the most common characteristics families name in their search include schools, parks, walkability, safety, transit, and fun activities.

To help our readers and potential clients narrow down their searches, we wrote this week’s article especially for families.

It’s our comprehensive guide to the best Miami neighborhoods for homeowners with children.

Coconut Grove

Located just south of downtown and Brickell, Coconut Grove is Miami’s oldest neighborhood and retains its quaint, historic vibe to this day.  Families value Coconut Grove for its walkability, proximity to the water (and activities like sailing), jungle-like shade trees, CocoWalk shopping district, and 24/7 police control.

The Grove also has a reputation as being home to some of the best private schools in S. Florida — St. Stephens (Pre-K through 6th grade), Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (Pre-K through 12th grade) and Ransom Everglades (6 through 12th grade).  Ransom in particular is continually ranked among the top 50 best high schools in the United States.

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An article about family-friendly Miami neighborhoods would not be complete without Pinecrest.  A short drive south of Miami proper, the Village of Pinecrest (it’s a separate municipality) touts a remarkable quality of life, tree-lined streets, unparalleled education, and one of the lowest crime rates in the Miami area.  Not to mention the real estate is spectacular.

In terms of schooling, Pinecrest offers highly-ranked public (Pinecrest Elementary, Palmetto Middle, Miami Palmetto High) and private options (Gulliver, St Louis Covenant, and Temple Beth Am) catering to a variety of interests.

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Coral Gables

The Gables is one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Miami-Dade County.  Known for parks, waterways, golf courses, the University of Miami’s main campus, Spanish architecture, and citizens from around the world, the quality of life in the City of Coral Gables is high, but it certainly comes with a price tag…

For parents, Coral Gables offers high-end shopping at Merrick Park and Miracle Mile, plenty of outdoor activities, and an unbelievable selection bars and restaurants.  For children, the Gables provides a top-notch education and fun activities like the Venetian Pool.

It’s no wonder Coral Gables is called “The City Beautiful”!

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South Miami

While not as widely known as the other neighborhoods on this list, South Miami is becoming a hot destination for S. Florida families.

As an incorporated city, South Miami offers leafy neighborhoods, a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options (check out The Shops at Sunset Place) while still being more affordable than the vast majority of Miami neighborhoods.

South Miami is not a neighborhood to overlook…  More and more, we’re finding clients are choosing this area over both Coral Gables and Pinecrest when relocating their families.

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The Best Way to Explore Miami Neighborhoods

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