Pedro Pinto

Financial Analyst

Pedro Pinto moved to Miami in 2009 to attend the University of Miami and began investing in real estate on the side just as the market was beginning to recover from the 2007 crash. As he found success buying and selling properties Mr. Pinto decided to establish himself in real estate full time after he left school.

As the Financial Analyst at Spectrum, Pinto’s role consists of running the back of the house and aiding the brokerage’s clients in identifying¬† and managing sound investments for individuals and investment groups. A data and numbers wiz, Pinto is often the first at Spectrum to identify a potential real estate opportunity.

“2017 presents itself as a year where a lot of change is going to come to the Miami market. Multiple preconstruction projects are scheduled to be delivered in 3Q and 4Q and we are currently seeing a price correction in the market. My goal this year will be to bring in incremental business from all this new investment inventory coming into the market and establish rental management procedures to serve as a value added option in a multitude of brokerages in South East Florida,” says Pinto.

“Pedro Pinto is one of the most extraordinarily talented and exceptionally gifted young men I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” says Co-Founder of Spectrum Paul McRae.