Strong Leadership Forms the Basis of Our Operations

Rodolfo Manzon


The President of Spectrum Realty, Mr. Manzon brings a strong background in the corporate world to his role at the company, having worked and lived across the country and around the world. At Spectrum Manzon specializes in creating efficient processes, structuring the foundation of the company for today and tomorrow, and business development. "Rodolfo Manzon is one of the most intelligent business partners any successful entrepreneur could ever be blessed... Read More

Paul Anthony McRae

Broker & Managing Director

Paul Anthony McRae, Managing Director, leads Spectrum Realty with over three decades of experience and $5 billion in sales as a realtor in South Florida and New York. McRae brings his encyclopedic knowledge of the industry as well as his highly experienced negotiating and managerial abilities to Spectrum. McRae trains, coaches, and mentors his partners as well as other brokers in the Spectrum arsenal. McRae is known for having sold... Read More

Pedro Pinto

Financial Analyst

Pedro Pinto moved to Miami in 2009 to attend the University of Miami and began investing in real estate on the side just as the market was beginning to recover from the 2007 crash. As he found success buying and selling properties Mr. Pinto decided to establish himself in real estate full time after he left school. As the Financial Analyst at Spectrum, Pinto's role consists of running the back... Read More