4 Perfect Single Family Homes For Sale in Miami


Let's face it... The cost of real estate in S. Florida can be astronomical. Often times, it's difficult to find well-maintained, conveniently-located, and reasonably-priced single-family homes in Miami. That's why many people end up looking for family homes in other...

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Renderings of Una, Brickell Flatiron, Aston Martin Residences, and One Thousand Museum

Analyzing Miami’s Top Preconstruction Condos


Even though Miami's condo development boom has entered a slower period, there are still incredible projects as well as residential construction in the works that will be coming online in...

Friends eating dinner at Miami restaurant

The Hidden Spots Miami Locals Love


When you’re traveling or moving to a new city (or even exploring the city you’ve been living in for a while), the saying always goes…  “Just ask a local.” “Locals”...

Modern kitchen with hardwood floors for sale

The Market is Great for Well-Priced Properties


If you're looking to sell your property in S. Florida, now might be the perfect time. Before you start saying "it's a buyers market, many development projects have been put...

Rental Blog - Condos in Downtown Miami Edgewater neighborhood

What to Know Before Renting in S. Florida


The question of buying vs. renting is an ever-present dilemma, especially as the cost of living in many cities continues to skyrocket. However, if you've found a home that you...

Photo of coffee baristas in Miami's Upper East Side

Upper East Side: Miami’s Next Real Estate Boom?


We are huge fans of Miami’s Upper East Side neighborhood. The Upper East Side is eclectic, home to the famed MiMo architecture style, and full of new restaurants, stores, galleries,...

Selling Home Right - modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

The #1 Thing to Get Right When Selling Your Home


We've written a variety of articles in the past on topics ranging from the most important rooms in a home to the dos and don'ts of property sales, energy efficiency,...

Bank buildings in city skyline

A Look at Financing: Traditional Banks vs. Mortgage Brokers


Banks vs. large mortgage companies vs. mortgage brokers... The number of home lending options can be overwhelming! It's easy to get confused and frustrated as you try to navigate this...

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5 Things All New Real Estate Agents Should Do


Congratulations! You've completed all of your real estate coursework, passed your state licensing exam, and perhaps even joined a team like those at River Islands Homes to start listing and...