4 Perfect Single Family Homes For Sale in Miami


Let's face it... The cost of real estate in S. Florida can be astronomical. Often times, it's difficult to find well-maintained, conveniently-located, and reasonably-priced single-family homes in Miami. That's why many people end up looking for family homes in other...

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Miami home after recent construction and renovations

How to Flip Your Property: A Home Renovation Case Study


Last week, one of our partners listed a property on the market for $1,099,900 in Miami's Morningside neighborhood. The home is stunning - a sleek single story, complete with world-class...

Eating vegan food at outdoor Miami picnic table

Why Miami is a Top Choice for Vegans


Miami is a diverse city filled with opportunities for everyone, seemingly none more-so than those of us that live the meatless life. Vegans and vegetarians thrive throughout South Florida. As...

Solar panels on sustainable home

Five Sustainable Home Trends You Should Know About


Nowadays, everyone is talking about protecting the planet, respecting the environment, and being conscious of energy usage. What better way to embrace this green attitude than by picking a new...

Dog laying in grass at park with owner

The Pet Owner’s Guide to Miami


Your pet is your family. Our pets are so important to us that we tend to make sure that we use sites similar to https://www.petsbest.com/pet-insurance-reviews in order to ensure that...

Modern country kitchen home improvements

Killer Kitchen Upgrades That Sell Homes


Like it or not, kitchens sell homes, and if you have a kitchen renovation done by a leading provider of construction, chances are the value of your home will skyrocket....

Close up of US hundred dollar bill

Tax 101 for Real Estate Owners


We're drawing near the end of tax season... Chances are you just frantically finished your filings, sent them off to the IRS on Tuesday, and are starting to prepare for...

Real estate agents shaking hands at desk

5 Reasons You Should Fire Your Current Real Estate Agent


Choosing a real estate professional is the single most important decision you make when buying/selling a home, especially your first home. Many real estate professionals would advise you to make...

School student drawing on paper with pencil

How to Choose the Best Miami Schools for Your Kids


Here at Spectrum RG, we know how difficult it can be choosing a school for your children. The age-old debate of private school vs public school continues. Having worked with...