5 Important Qualities of Great Real Estate Agents

When housing deals fall through, 95-percent of the time it’s because of a real estate agent. There’s a saying in the real estate industry that “20-percent of the agents do 80-percent of the business,” and it’s true. Finding the right agent is crucial to a smooth real estate transaction, that’s why sites like getagent.co.uk are used for this purpose. The Spectrum Realty Team has outlined important qualities of great real estate agents to help you understand the mark of a great agent, the services they should be providing you, and how to determine the right fit for your needs.

  1. They’re honest and do their due diligence

Issues begin when an agent doesn’t do their homework and is uncomfortable having a frank conversation with the seller regarding the actual market price of their home. This is the price currently dictated by the market, not the price the seller wants for their house or the price at which they need to sell for financial reasons. An honest discussion about the true market price of a property is the first essential step in a healthy working relationship between you and your real estate agent.

  1. They make themselves available to you

As a seller, your real estate agent should make themselves readily available to you to show your home. If you want to sell your home, any time should be an ideal time to show it. A good real estate agent knows this and will work with you to ensure your property gets shown to the right potential buyers.

  1. They’ll use quality photography

The online photos shown of a property are the first impression potential renters or buyers have of a listing. You want to be sure this impression is a positive, lasting one. Poor photography uploaded into the Multiple Listing Service for thousands of realtors to see can be a death sentence for getting a house off the market. The right broker will be sure the photos taken and listed of your property are compelling to potential buyers.

  1. They’re communicative

Effective communication is a fundamental quality in a great agent. Once a contract is executed, your agent must regularly follow-up with you to be sure important dates and deadlines are met precisely. If an agent fails to follow through with you, one or both parties could fall into a breach of contract. Agents who procrastinate create tension and stress, which is the last thing you want when trying to sell or rent your property. Great agents are quick to respond and will keep you in the loop about items needing immediate attention.

  1. They explain the process

Agents know the buying and selling process like the back of their hands, and many have been immersed in the real estate industry for years. Realtors can easily forget that the average American home buyer stays in a home for nine years, so they must be patient in thoroughly explaining the process to their clients. An agent who assumes the client knows certain things and doesn’t take the time to break down concrete steps will ultimately lose the client’s confidence and make them feel uneasy.

Agents must set clear expectations for both the seller and themselves, and be sure to communicate them properly. The true telling of a strong agent-seller relationship is trust, where transparency and consistency are key. No matter where you are living around the world, you’ll be able to find an estate agent who can help you find the home of your dreams. If you are based in Scotland you may look up Coulters Estate Agents in Edinburgh to help you or a company more local to you. There are great and reputable estate agents out there for you to go to.