5 Reasons You Should Fire Your Current Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate professional is the single most important decision you make when buying/selling a home, especially your first home. Many real estate professionals would advise you to make a bucket list before you buy your first home as this can make the whole process easier.

A high-performing professional can sell your property above asking price in record time, while an under-performing agent will drag the process out for months with little to no traction. Since a real estate agent is the face of your property—negotiating, marketing, communicating, and selling—the success of your purchase/sale depends on their level of expertise.

Having worked in Miami real estate for years, we have a solid understanding of the characteristics that separate these high-performers from the rest of the below average pack.

Take a hard look at our list of characteristics below…

If your agent demonstrates any combination of these traits, it might be time to make a switch. No matter what you decide, don’t waste time. The longer the buying/selling process drags on, the more headaches arise and the more complicated the transaction becomes. We’ve seen it time and time again. There are also tools online that can do some of your agents of jobs for you. You can get a home value estimation with this tool – https://www.upnest.com/re/home-value-estimator-tool.

Lack of Trust

Think about it… You are entrusting your agent with a decision worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not significantly more)! The number one factor we always stress to our clients is trust. Having a real estate agent that you cannot trust is one of the worst mistakes you can make in real estate, and you may be forced into legal processes with a texas real estate attorney if you continue to put your faith in someone that you cannot trust.

At Spectrum, we strive to become an extension of our clients. The best agents become so integrally familiar with their clients’ needs, wants, and expectations that they are able to weed through properties without the constant need for feedback.

Poor Communication

Real estate professionals in S. Florida notoriously have terrible communication — they show up late (if at all), don’t respond to messages, and take forever to follow-up on routine tasks.

As mentioned earlier, time is money in the real estate business. The second someone inquires about your property, your agent should be on the phone vetting their interest and working through next steps.

Real estate deals can be lost in an instant, and it all starts with clear, concise, and timely communication from your real estate professional.

Misaligned Expectations

Let’s say you’ve made it clear to your agent that you’re searching for properties in the $400K price range… The problem is, they keep showing you homes priced $500K+ and trying to convince you to “consider upgraded options.”

As another example, let’s say you need to move out of your house within two months, yet your agent keeps stalling to find “the perfect buyer” as your deadline approaches.

In both instances, there is a misalignment of expectations. We recommend establishing clear guidelines regarding price, timing, characteristics, neighborhoods, buyer profiles, etc. with your agent from day #1 to avoid catastrophes.

Part-Time Work

In our decades of experience, we’ve rarely found high-performing team members who work part-time.

If real estate is a person’s second, third, or even fourth job, chances are they aren’t putting in the time necessary to best serve clients.

When you’re first partnering with an agent, ask them point blank: “Are you working in real estate full-time?” It’s your right as a buyer/seller to know how committed a potential agent will be to your transaction.


The best way to exemplify hustle is through constant, purposeful action. The real estate agents who wake up every morning with the drive to pick up the phone, find the best deals, attend industry events, and get to know their neighborhoods are the ones you want on your team.

Hustle isn’t so much a quantifiable skill as it is a feeling… You can get a sense of whether or not your agent is “hustling” purely based on their attitude and actions.

If you don’t feel they’re putting forth their best effort, it’s probably time to move on.

To learn more about our philosophy, experience, and team mentality, drop us a line at sales@spectrumrg.com or (305) 921-0972.